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Stop this you’re bad luck you make everyone flop

when have i ever done that? if it wasnt for me lana del rey wouldnt have a career

i saw her get 10k notes recently its like seeing a dead grandma come back to life at a bday party

OMG…what about sachimo Omg didnt they date

This is too long and feels gay I’ll pretend I read it by liking it

bitch why dont u just blacklist me again bitch

do you mean mri …

no i mean tmi

today a white boy called me a 6 because i have no personality? i was liek TUH i am at least a 6.9
a WHITE boy saying YOU have no personality?? what kind of paradoxical teas..

Who grey?

no literallysame

katara replied to your post: I HATE U ALL



katara replied to your post: I just pretended I had a vision (Like a raven…


did you want me to put the accent in symoné or what